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Welcome Students

Dress Code

Dress Code

8th Grade Reminders

Hogan Middle School

8th Grade Promotion & End of Year School

Activity Participation Guidelines


Students will be ineligible to participate for any one of the following factors:

Grades, Library textbooks fees or fines, School Suspensions, Unexcused Absences and/or being Tardy and Violation of our school dress code.

  • Must pass all classes with a D- or higher including Physical Education class
  • Excessive outstanding "Unexcused," being Late or Absences
  • Home Suspensions & Class Referrals
  • Outstanding textbook fees due to lost or damaged books
  • Inappropriate dress code violations outlined in our Student Planner page 40

Success Plan

Plan for Academic Success- Here are some helpful hints to ensure your success:

  • Use your planner everyday to write down the assignments
  • Listen carefully. Ignore distractions. Concentrate and DO YOUR WORK
  • Place a "check" next to all assignments you have turned in.
  • Check with your teachers for missing assignments
  • Ask for help early. Attend an extended day class for academic support.
  • Speak with teachers, administrators, or school support staff for additional questions.
Knowledge is Power

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