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Welcome Students

Dress Code

Dress Code

8th Grade Reminders

Hogan Middle School

8th Grade Promotion & End of Year School

Activity Participation Guidelines


Students will be ineligible to participate for any one of the following factors:

Grades, Library textbooks fees or fines, School Suspensions, Unexcused Absences and/or being Tardy and Violation of our school dress code.

  • Must pass all classes with a D- or higher including Physical Education class
  • Excessive outstanding "Unexcused," being Late or Absences
  • Home Suspensions & Class Referrals
  • Outstanding textbook fees due to lost or damaged books
  • Inappropriate dress code violations outlined in our Student Planner page 40

Success Plan

Plan for Academic Success- Here are some helpful hints to ensure your success:

  • Use your planner everyday to write down the assignments
  • Listen carefully. Ignore distractions. Concentrate and DO YOUR WORK
  • Place a "check" next to all assignments you have turned in.
  • Check with your teachers for missing assignments
  • Ask for help early. Attend an extended day class for academic support.
  • Speak with teachers, administrators, or school support staff for additional questions.
Knowledge is Power
Why go to Hogan?


Student Council Members 18'-19'

What we like about Hogan is how much you can bond with other kids and create great everlasting friendships. You have teachers who believe in you and really care. There are Robotics, STEM, and Coding programs which are fun. We have great extracurricular programs too like band and our Wildcat wresting team. We all want to gain knowledge, because knowledge is power. Go Spartans!        –Aliyah (President)

What I love about Hogan is that the students have a lot of freedom to express themselves.  As well as being able to make close relationships with other students and even the staff within a safe environment.                            –Raven (7th Grade Representative)

I like Hogan because of how easy it is to make friends, the scenery of the whole school, the diversity of the people at school and the variety of the academics.                                                     – Althea (Vice President)

What I like about Hogan is the events, fundraisers, and the activities the staff or student council creates for the school.                –Raydyn (7th Grade Representative)

I love Hogan because of the nice teachers, the new friends I made, and all the cool things I learned in class.                                                        – Macayla (6th Grade Representative)


After-School Tutoring & Clubs 


Tutoring (After School)

Ask the following Teachers for exact days and times:

Ms. Lee

Ms. Moore

Mr. Tosch

Ms. Henley