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Greg Murray
Robotics, Coding, Algebra 


C-STEM Downloads
Contains the downloads for the trial version of Ch Professional, Linkbot Labs, and C-STEM Studio (with the class textbook)


Ch Student Edition


Online LinkBot robot simulator


Learning Robot Programming with Linkbot for the Absolute Beginner
Robotics textbook


Learning Computer Programming with Ch for the Absolute Beginner
STEAM M textbook


Pearson Realize
Online math website

STEAM at Hogan


STEAM is science and technology made clear through engineering and the arts, using mathematical principles. STEAM is students building creative thinking and social skills. They become thinkers and doers, scientists, and engineers. Students get inspired to solve problems. STEAM is creating, inspiring, and influencing students to prepare for jobs that will exist 10-15 years from now. Vallejo City Unified School District goes full STEAM ahead in training our future scientists and engineers.


For more information on the STEAM program, visit our website!